When is it?
We teach classes Monday through Friday, typically in the afternoon from 2 pm and early evening. The evening classes are primarily for adults. We do not have classes in the weekend.

The weekly lessons take half an hour. Each year there are two seasons of 4½ months each, from the first weekday in September to mid January, and from mid January to the last weekday in May.

We have many students and many classes. Even though we would like to list the classes here, it would be too burdensome for us keep them updated at all times. Please tell us what you need, and we will contact you with a proposal. See the page Sign Up.

Since we teach during the public opening hours in the swimming baths, there is an opportunity for you to swim if you like while your child is being taught.

What about holidays?
Many of our students are children, so we have chosen to follow the school holidays. The swimming instructor has the exact training days on his list, so just ask.

Should I cancel?
As a general rule, do not cancel, should you be unable to attend a lesson. It works in the same way as evening-schools and other training providers. However, if you or your child has not yet had the first lesson, you must cancel.

When the season ends?
When we approach the end of a 4½-month period, we will ask, if the students want to leave us or continue.

Each student automatically has a place in the same class for the following period, if so desired.

Some classes can become too small to continue onwards, and therefore we join them together. Of course, we will contact you about this. The available time slots are then used for new classes.

At the moment we are in the autumn season. The spring season starts mid January, 2019.

We teach here:

Frankrigsgade Svømmehal, Frankrigsgade 35, 2300 Copenhagen S

Frg svømmehal 1

Sundby Bad, Sundbyvestervej 50, 2300 Copenhagen S

Sundby Bad 1

Admission Fee
Since we are a privately owned swimming school without subsidies, the admission fee must be paid to the swimming bath.

A child from 5 to 14 years:

A day ticket when bought before 3 p.m. costs kr. 10 per visit. After 3 p.m. kr. 20.
Vouchers for 12 visits (“klippekort”) cost kr. 180, corresponding to kr. 15 per visit.

Youngsters from 15 years and adults:

A day ticket when bought before 3 p.m. costs kr. 20 per visit. After 3 p.m. kr. 40.
Vouchers for 12 visits cost kr. 360, which corresponds to kr. 30 per visit.

A child under the age of seven accompanied by an adult, who has paid the admission fee, is allowed in free of charge.

In Frankrigsgade Svømmehal admission is free if you are a member of Form & Fitness.

You can find more information on admission fees on the websites of the swimming baths. Click on one of them above. The prices are identical.

You can not pay for tuition at the ticket box in the swimming baths.

What if something happens to the swimming bath?
All technology may fail, and on rare occasions this may also happen to the swimming baths. If anything happens, we will send e-mails to the students affected.
We do not provide refunds for lost lessons due to events beyond our control. However, there may be situations where we are able to offer a replacement lesson on another date, or perhaps in another swimming bath.