As a privately owned swimming school we focus on making the student confident in the water as quickly as possible.

Therefore, we teach all beginners breast and backstroke, and they learn to float and tread water.

The main purpose of learning to swim is to avoid critical situations. It’s as simple as that!



Can parents watch the training?
Parents / grandparents can watch the training at the swimming pool. This doesn’t cost anyhing, but you need to have bare feet or wear plastic covers on your shoes.

But … The kids are easily distracted when they look straight into the eyes of the parents. So you must stay on the opposite side of the pool.

What can you expect to achieve?

Children 7-8 years of age will often manage to take a 100 to 1,000 meter distance test at the end of the first nine months. The test proves that they can swim without buoyancy aids and without touching the side or the bottom.

Some do, however, need longer time for this. Not surprisingly, that has quite a bit to do with how good they are at listening.

A 10-year-old can learn to swim over 4-5 months. The same is true for adults (if they are not extremely afraid of water).

Children aged 5-6 can also learn to swim pretty fast. We have chosen to put them in small special classes with a maximum of 7-8 children, while older children and adults are put in classes of approx. 10 participants.



Breath control is important when learning to dive

Is it just swimming for beginners?
We have classes at all levels. Once the foundation is in order – breast and backstroke – students learn front crawl and backstroke, salvage, diving, dive for things, swimming with clothes on, and taking off clothes in the water.

The latter is very important. Should you fall in the water, it is extremely difficult to swim very far with wet heavy clothes on.



Do the kids have to take an exam?
The swimming instructors regularly give children the opportunity to take distance tests. If the test is passed, the student receives a diploma, and a smart badge can be purchased.

Malte Søgaard

Malte, 5½ years old, proudly presents the proof of the Basic Test. Now, 7½ years old, Malte has passed a 1.000 meter test.

The Basic Test proves that the student can swim breast stroke without buoyancy aids. The distance varies but is under 25 metres.

See all the distance tests here.

In addition they may take a proficiency test (Duelighedsprøven).

But there is more: We have prepared some diploma tests with increasing difficulty levels:

  • The Small Elite Test
  • The Elite Test
  • The Super Elite Test
  • The Mega Test
  • The Young Lifeguard Test

What about adults?

We have beginner classes for adults – even if they are afraid of the water.

There are classes for intermediate and advanced swimmers. You will  improve
your technique, and you can learn (or improve) crawl, butterfly, and of course diving.

In some cases, we are able to offer private lessons, typically mid afternoon – ask us.

I am pregnant

Congratulations! You can without problems participate in swimming classes or water
aerobics. Water is a very forgiving element!

From afraid of the water to taking the water like a duck?


It is possible to go from afraid to taking the water like a duck!

Every year we especially get many adults who have decided that they now want to get rid of the fear of the water. Most often this has to do with an unpleasant episode earlier in life. We can not do magic, and if there is a real hydrophobia, we can not do anything. This can be addressed in other ways.

The vast majority can get rid of their fear of water. We know that from experience. In general, adults quickly learn the swimming technique, simply because they are good to listen.