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It’s safer with bangles and belt

Why do I need to wear swimming bangles and belt?

We are among the few swimming instructors who let students use both bangles and belt. You can not concentrate on both staying afloat and to learn the proper technique. For example, it is quite impossible for you as a beginner to take the necessary pauses between swimming strokes, if you also feel you will sink to the bottom of the pool, if you stop moving.
Therefore, bangles are useful to quickly achieve a good technique, that is, long, smooth strokes and pause between each other stroke. That way you could theoretically swim as far as you want without getting tired and out of breath.



Rasende barn Here we have a serious problem. It happens on rare occasions that a mother or father announces that the child does not want to attend  the swimming lessons.
There are even people saying “She does not bother”.

This situation must be avoided. Visit the swimming bath prior to the course to ensure that the child does not get a mental block.

If you are in any doubt, then wait until the child gets older.

The very young children can be a little overwhelmed the first time and perhaps shed a tear.
Stay where you are and leave it to the swimming instructor. She or he can almost always transform crying into a smile.

Our classes are small and it is not possible to withdraw from the course. We do not offer trial lessons. The course is binding for 4 ½ months, so avoid this situation.


Special attention
It is important that we are notified if the student has a disease or conditions that require special attention from us. This must happen in writing before the start of the course.
For example, each season we have students who have some form of diagnosis, ADHD, Asperger’s or something else.
We do not reject these students but must in each case determine – together with the parents – if it is possible for the student to participate in a class, in other words be able to understand and react to a collective message.