Within a year, we have two seasons á 4½ months: Spring: From mid January to the last weekday of May. Autumn: From the first weekday of September to mid January.

A lesson is half an hour per week. We do not teach during school holidays. We do not have classes in  weekends.

The fee for 4½ months is:Mønter

  • Small special classes
    for 5-6 years old children: kr. 1,320
  • Classes for children 7+ years: kr. 1.075
  • Swimming classes for adults: kr. 1.075
  • Water Aerobics classes for adults: kr. 1.075
  • Private lessons – ask us

We are a privately owned swimming school without subsidies, so the entrance fee to the swimming bath must be paid.
See Time and Place, Admission Fee for more information.

With us, children (and adults) quickly learn to swim – see the page Distance Tests. Please also read the pages Swimming Lessons and Student Safety.


Payment should be made via online banking before the first lesson. We will inform you of the account number in our confirmation.

Please use your phone nummer or e-mail address as the only reference.

This ensures a safe registration of your payment for the student or students that you are paying for.

Some banks allow 20 characters only in the reference text. Not a problem – just type from the beginning and as much as the field will hold. We do not need any more.

Do not add extra text such as name(s), class, weekday or time.