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We would like to give you the opportunity for choosing a class online, but there are so many changes during the enrollment periods that we can not update online fast enough  (we are not an airline!).

If you or your child/children are already a student / students, you may inform us of whether or not you wish to continue next season on the page I am a student.

We have classes Monday to Friday, typically in the afternoon from 2 pm and early evening. The evening classes are primarily for adults. We do not have classes in the weekend.

DoctorfishThe weekly lessons take half an hour. Each year there are two seasons of 4½ months each, from the first weekday in September to mid January, and from mid January to the last weekday in May.

You will find information on prices for the training and for the entrance fee to the swimming bath on the page Fees.

It is a good idea to become registered and be contacted before the next season begins. This is especially true if you need a class late in the afternoon.

Registration is not binding, there is no registration fee, nor a charge for being on our waiting list.

Did you read the page Student Safety?

You may use the contact form below and send us an e-mail. You can be sure to get a reply. If the reply does not arrive in your inbox, check your spam folder.

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